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Nathan Drake may have his flaws, as a character and as a narrative creation.

As Sully stays behind to fix the damages to the plane, the group finds Sir Richard Byrd's encampment and Chloe discovers that the Amber Room was destroyed. As they exit the temple, Lazarevic's men ambush them, and Jeff is wounded. Pussy of indian girls. When the others arrive, she hands them torches and guns and the four of them investigate the garage. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Despite this, she is willing to put her life at risk for those she cares about. Uncharted 2 nude. And what, no Forza 3?? The next morning, Chloe leaves a note on the bed for Nate that says: Harry Flynn has a previous friendly working relationship with Drake. At the pause menu under the "Bonuses" option, you can view which treasures you have found. Jeff is executed by Lazarevic, and after failing to bargain with him, Nate and Elena make an escape.

I would rather the designers have treated Chloe with the same regard as they did Elena, instead of subjecting the player to the male gaze which is common and tiresome in media. Choose the "Weapon Select" option and pick from the available weapons.

He has to tell me how one comment further up only has 3 bubbles but a later one manages to have Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

DevastationEve d ago I still think games really don't need to imitate life. With the way you type, you sound like some wannabe macking playa living in the hood who in real life ain't nothing but a PLAYER of mindless shooters. Horny tit fuck. Chloe Frazer, as she appears in Uncharted: Adult Written by BounceMaster May 1, However, you will get a new emblem with a diamond at the corner, and new negative boosters which increases the difficulty, but increases money gained.

Once more with feeling by Nathamuel for seblaiens Fandoms: World Tour, the humans were a little less modest. Which stereotype is that? Digitaldude d ago Screenshot or it didnt happen. She is quick to take action and stays positive in dangerous situations. Start a game on a difficulty you have not completed, and play until you get a real gun.

Extraordinarily fun, cinematic, Indy Jones-type adventure. Then, re-enter that menu and repeatedly select and deselect that weapon to keep refilling its ammunition. Uncharted 2 wasnt even dat good. In fact, he and his various compatriots stand out as some of the few video game characters that are crafted to evince sexual desires and frustrations that are connected to actual human emotions. A little bit of digging turned up the factoid that Claudia Black, the actor who plays Chloe, is an Australian who has lived in the UK for many years, and because of that I guess her Australian accent has been influenced by her cultural environment.

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I mute all voice chat from strangers, and do not enable outgoing voice chat if I play with strangers.

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PlayStation 3WindowsXbox Price: When they find the temple, Chloe and Nate complete a series of puzzles to learn that the Cintamani Stone and Shambhala are in the Himalayas. Videos of saggy tits. I realize the fact that there aren't space marines, aliens and chainsaw guns in it offends you in some inexplicable way, but you're just going to have to chill out and realize that not everything in the world is tailor made for retards with explosive ADHD.

Unfortunately, like other videogame protagonists, Nate never develops as a person unless circumstances or other people force him to. Be gone with you. Then, exit the diary. Uncharted 2 nude. He knew the story inside out, anyway: Chloe is waiting when her three allies emerge, and they escape in her van. So we'll come close, but no. Best Action Games for Kids. Sometimes the music affected how I felt about the current situation in the game. Destruction of the human race. Milf sofa sex. The Lost Legacy Uncharted comics.

From the instant I saw her I thought they really messed up with Chloe's face. The Lost Legacy characters. Custer's Revenge Atari Exit out to the main menu. The game also has prostitues walking around Paris, and there are references to brothels, sex and other suggestive dialogue. I will present my limited perspective, as an Asian woman of colour who has experience living in three different cultures.

Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Add user to Ignore List after reporting. The treasures are saved automatically when collecting them -- so there is no need to reach the next checkpoint.

Alex Wawro Assignment Editor: Is Jason Momoa the Perfect Kratos? Are Our Video Games Disappearing? We've got the vision, now let's have some fun.

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He has few instinctual directions of his own, and they are strongest when goals serve his own self interest.

All the time, I love my battle royale on the go. Chloe Frazer, as she appears in Uncharted: Like Sully and Elena, Chloe is against Nate finding Ubar and attempts to talk him out of it, knowing that he is risking all their lives for no real gain. Uncharted 2 nude. Best mexican lesbian porn. She is quick to take action and stays positive in dangerous situations. They are not considered to be strong enough as characters to survive without heavy handed, stereotyped characterization of course, the dark, troubles male hero is his own, grand stereotype.

Additionally, one of the unlockable guns in Single Player mode is a gun used by Angry Eddy. I heard that Amy Hennig stood her ground on gender issues like this many times over, which I know is really difficult in the games industry. College New sucks and is prob paid by Sony. Milf bukkake tube Chloe begs Cutter to stop. While Michael holds Nate and Chloe at gun point, Rose finds a wall made of diamonds that's holding back a flow of lava.

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