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One direction preferences you see him naked

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It always smelled like him, making you smile. Big cock nude beach. It was freeing and you liked that. Luckily, all that you could really see was his butt, so you sighed, left the glass of water on the bedside table along with some aspirin and you left.

Log in Sign Up. Since your headphones are in, you don't hear Louis come down the stairs and he doesn't know you are home either. One direction preferences you see him naked. I was taking a shower. It was like you could hear the blush creep upon Niall's cheek. I'd think I'd like to be famous for my delicious cupcakes.

You sighed, prepping yourself up to your elbows, before hearing his muted singing, coming from the bathroom next to you. Sorry if I offend anyone, I don't m You bite your lip, looking down when boys erupted to laughter. Long videos lesbian. Of course he burst out laughing, pulling you closer to him either way. You could not help to notice what he had just said though. He tasted really minty. Log in Sign Up.

One direction preferences you see him naked

Read this story for FREE! You were in the living room and it had been an hour, so surely he was out. You had just gotten the biscuits out of oven, when you realized you forgot to get Louis. Suddenly you heard a bang from upstairs. You just rolled your eyes and walked away. If you want sweet or preferably dirty stories, this is the place.

You were worried that Zayn wouldn't find you attractive, but that was not the case. You gasped, knowing where this was going. You were really needed to use the bathroom but you didn't want the food to burn so it took at least Thirty minutes for it to be ready.

You were late already. Harry thinks you are grossed out but you actually thought that was the sexiest thing you've ever saw. Www black pussy xxx. Log in Sign Up. You searched through the whole house until the only place left was the bathroom. You got out of under the covers to see Niall with his eyes wide open. And if they do come fast, it may take some time in between them: You should start preparing.

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B-but that's okay because I think that you're gorgeous. Hot naked italian women. Read this story for FREE!

Niall had invited you out to a new club that was having its grand opening. There's no shirt holding you back from turning comfortably or no pants riding up at night. His Pov I was taking a shower.

All you could think about was how big he was. He touched your face, but you could hear the slightest seriousness in his tone. She had her towel wrapped loosely around her. You could feel your face turn red hot as he noticed that you were looking at him.

It's lit Also, I just posted a new story so go check it out. One direction preferences you see him naked. I pulled of my shirt and she bit her lip. Hot asian lesbian sex. The boys had invited you over for a get together, in your books, another excuse to see your best friends. She blushed and looked at my chest. I looked at her from head to toe and she noticed.

You uncovered your eyes to roll them, then covered them again because you forgot he was naked. Everybody gasped because Liam wasn't wearing boxers. You fell on your bed, and the bathroom door had opened. You could feel your pulse calm down when you heard familiar humming. He's the first thing you notice when you turn to face him. Harry thinks you are grossed out but you actually thought that was the sexiest thing you've ever saw.

Log in Sign Up. Liam had texted you nearly five minutes ago, telling you that Harry had wanted a few minutes on his own and was coming down to the bus. I fuck with you girl rich homie quan lyrics. You just rolled your eyes and walked away. Nothing was really on so I decided to go to sleep. You walk closer and see Niall skinny-dipping. You grabbed your purse and walked out.

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His hair was messy after a long plane and bus rides, eyes wide and disbelieving when he stared at you.

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