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You cannot stop it but feel free to keep up with the temper tantrums they are funny!

I was simply trying to make the point that repeatedly getting your panties in a bunch over the moronic words of an idiot seems like a waste of time. Naked death scenes. Big difference sure, making fun of Miss Cali may be an asshole-y thing to do, but being an asshole is different from being a bigot. If it is so normal and natural, why do you have to give it a special name?

I am highly intolerant and disrespectful when it comes to people who believe my people are undeserving of equality in the eyes of the law.

Then they become the most intolerant people around. Carrie prejean naked pictures. As to the photo big deal. May 6, at How can anyone say that makes her a whore or a hypocrit. Although they have…for years. Think about it — for one Carrie Prejean is pretty dang hot to begin with. This has everything to do with you representing California and saving the brand,'" she recalled. This shows aggression on your behalf. Thai pretty nude. Yet they consume the most pron of any other State in the Union. Christ it is a friggin beauty contest not a government duty positition race.

A magical planet with no single mothers or widows or widowers or divorced parents. You are guilty, bish… now that your crown is going to be stripped, go ahead and call up Larry Flint. THe times they is changing, huh? He is judging her just by her personal opinion. She can be naked all she wants. And to hell with the hypocrits who have such a deep need to be like them wanting what they think they have. The gays have little to worry about with her, and frankly, her situation is more indicative of the scary things women go through with pageants.

Of what relevance is that? Moat of the hetrohobe comments here betray the lie in your statement. You faggots always cry about tolerance. No, that you class homosexuality unnatural, and therefore, wrong makes you utterly intolerant. Nude in garden pics. Sorry to disappoint you… but we can breed. You think that is right? You can be a good person and not believe in gay marriage. If you read my post, I was not insulting anyone if I did, I am truly sorrymerely stating some points of view.

The real world comments and actions of the hetrophobes betray their SIC? Bork, Clarence Thomas, Sarah, on and on… while the liberals promise everything and deliver nothing… 40 years of liberalism and they just want power and your money… Americans may never wake up… how sad.

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Grow the fuck up!

A disciple is not above the teacher, nor a slave above the master Matt. Ebony big butt milf. I am a Christian and I know, I am not perfect, I know I sin, I can also say with a certainty that I am saved, but by Grace and not my own actions, not by my ideas, not by anything I have done or by my own attitude, the blood of Jesus Christ saves me, can you say the same. Carrie prejean naked pictures. But then you go and criticize Hilton? Are there six pictures in total? Better a has been than a never to be.

Neither of my parents ever once considered my feeling or hardships. When a slave owner strikes a male or female slave with a rod and the slave dies immediately, the owner shall be punished. May 5th, at 3: Walters is said to be considering replacing Hasselbeck permanently and Prejean could fit the bill. Until 10 minutes ago you were too stupid to know gays and lesbians were procreating. American more and more are supporting the rights of LGBT people you are a relic give it up.

There are many species which reproduce which cannot be said to have a sexual orientation. May 6, at 4: We did speak with a spokesperson for the National Organization for Marriage and, while they were aware of the photos, they do not yet have a comment.

You will just say anything to get attention you have no pride no sense of right or wrong. Odalys garcia nude pics. As to Faith being about fear of death that is nonsense. I mean look at these pics — she is smokin! PH is a stupid jackass, he was rude in his blog about this whole situation. I am in no way a biblical scholar, in fact, I am somewhat theologically ignorant compared to most Christians.

The most important point is that, young Ms. Holier than thou twat. When Perez posed the question there was a weak cheering. All you have is a few passages which have been interpreted as condemning homosexuality.

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May 8, at 9: How sexually charged was that last message Mark sent you. What a crazy closet case.

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The woman was asks her opinion on the subject and she gave it. That is a comment regarding the motivations of hetrophobes. But it seems to me, a natural union of hetrosexual couples makes the most sense. Adult male escorts. Her opinions regarding gay marriage are right on the mark. Xxx lesbian tits Carrie prejean naked pictures. If a person chooses traditional marriage fine. She represents everything I abhor about right wing Christians whom have basically ruined our country and planet over the decades.

I know a bit about how Noah felt when everyone laughed at him. But the left is practically labeling her the Eva Bromm of this generation. Is she a whore or are you a faggot? You certainly are quite jumpy, and maybe rightfully so. May 7, at 6: Why as a tax payer and citizen should I be subject to the Christian idiom?

People need to learn that words are just words.

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